PVPipe and PVCoating are allowed to provide products and services for PV GAS projects
Deputy Prime Minister Trinh Dinh Dung has just sent a document to the Ministry of Planning and Investment, Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vietnam Oil and Gas Group (PVN), Vietnam Gas Corporation (PV GAS) on contractor selection. with products belonging to PV GAS's internal units in special cases.
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PV GAS achieved the National Brand Title in 2020
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Creativity never stops

We have made efforts to research ideas, solutions, and ways to help enterprises - our target customers - improve efficiency in their operations and move strongly forward...


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PV Pipe shall supply pipes according to Customer Requirement which is based on the optimal production process. Our quality is guaranteed by following exact manufacturing and quality control procedures as well as controlled by our quality management system complied API Q1 and ISO 9001.

Construction and Installation of equipment and accessories in Petroleum Industry

We are always proud of our workforce with creative, well-trained employees. PV PIPE has a team of highly qualified managers and engineers, skilled and experienced workers, ensuring the ability to manufacture, construct, and install equipment in the oil and gas industry such as Skid structures and spare parts, Platform, Frame Structures, Spool, ...

Steel plate supply service

PV PIPE is capable of providing steel plates of many types, from normal steel to high-strength steel, meeting the requirements of specifications/ standards:
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Chemical and Mechanical Testing service

The laboratory is equipped with modern technology and equipment, provides testing services and conformity assessment against applicable specifications/ standards. The laboratory management system complies with API Q1, ISO 9001.

Welding Services

Always putting quality as a top priority, PV PIPE is committed to providing the best quality welding services for various heavy industries. With modern machinery and equipment along with the welding process and professional personnel, PV PIPE's welding service fully meets the requirements of customers and applicable standards.

Non-destructive testing services (NDE Service)

PV PIPE provides automatic and conventional Non-destructive testing which fulfill meets API Spec 5L, API Spec 2B, AWS D.1.1 standards. With high skill inspectors and modern equipment, PV PIPE will effectively satisfy all customer’s requirements.



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